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War in The Donbass 2014/15

WWII Eastern Front

English Civil War I & III

Modern Warfare - Force on Force

WWII - 20mm Rapid Fire

First Chechen War 1994-96

War of 1812

Operation Barbarossa, Ukraine, 1941

Austro-Hungarian Campaign in Bosnia & Herzegovina, 1878

(based on the 'Spaziergang mit einer Blasmusikkapelle')

Battle of Kaceljevo-Ablava, 1877

Battle of Talavera (Part), 1809

Partizan 2016 - ECW, Battle of Manchester

Indian Mutiny, 1857

ECW Siege of Newcastle, 1644

WWI Battle of The Marne 1914

Russian Civil War

American War of Independence

WWI in Palestine/Arab Revolt

Indian Mutinty  at The Other Partizan 2016

A Very British Civil War - Trouble in the East Riding