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World War One

Wars of The Roses

Flames of War - WWII

French Indian Wars & Napoleonic Naval

Flames of War - Eastern Front and Urban Battles

Vietnam War

French Indo China - Dien Bien Phu, Beatrice

Soviet Afghan War

Russian Civil War

Spanish American War 1898

World War One & Desert War

WWII - Rapid Fire. North Africa and Iraq

"The 45" Jacobite Rebellion

The Spanish Civil War - 20mm Rapid Fire

Napoleonics - 28mm Black Powder

Culloden, 1746. As presented at 'The Other Partizan', Newark 2015

Napoleonics - 28mm General De Brigade

American War of Independence

Second Chechen War - Grozny 1999

Russo-Turkish War 1877-78

54mm WWII Skirmish

English Civil War